Leading Forward: 2018 and Beyond

Responding to our Alumni: Program Evolution

Having completed a full-spectrum program evaluation in early 2018, FOCUS St. Louis program directors are working to increase the impact of each of our programs. In the coming year, Leadership St. Louis participants can expect to hear more from people and organizations who are working to create positive community change in each of the challenging subject areas we cover. The Emerging Leaders program, in response to alumni feedback, will double its training hours, incorporate an opening retreat, and engage participants in Civic Action Projects that provide value to our nonprofit partners. And after two highly successful pilot years as a custom program, we will offer the Women in STEM Leadership program as a full FOCUS program in Spring 2019. We heard you, FOCUS alumni. Thank you for your input!


Continuing Your Education: Refresher Courses 


We know our alumni are eager to continue their learning after completing a FOCUS program. In response, we are offering two FOCUS Alumni Refresher Courses in 2019. Potential topics include innovations in education, the impact of poverty on housing, and the role of health in racial equity. If you’re a FOCUS member, you’ll have the opportunity to tell us what you’d like to learn! Stay tuned for dates and details.

Meeting Your Needs: Getting More out of Your FOCUS Membership

Our members are the key to our sustainability as a nonprofit organization, and we are taking steps to ensure that a FOCUS membership meets the needs of our alumni. Over the course of 2019, members can expect to see more member events, benefits, and opportunities for networking and learning than ever before. From refresher courses to opportunities to observe your favorite FOCUS program in action, the benefits of a FOCUS membership are an expression of our gratitude for your support. Thank you, FOCUS members!